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About our school in Rishikesh.

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Past and Present..

Yoga Vidya School was established by Prashant​ ​Jakhmola​, an experienced traditional yoga master, in Rishikesh city (the world wide recognized cradle of the traditional yoga wisdom) in 2014.

School started from drop in classes and gradually developed. Nowadays, the Yoga Vidya School in Rishikesh provides a 200​ ​hours​ ​yoga​ ​teacher​ ​training​ ​courses​ approved by Yoga Alliance as well as varieties of short-term intense yoga​ ​retreat​ ​courses​.

Our Mission

The Yoga Vidya School main goal is to share the eternal wisdom, knowledge and philosophy of yoga, which was given to us by the gurus.

We believe that Traditional Yoga should be given in comprehensive manner and according to the student’s experience and ability, however, with respect to the traditional knowledge given by gurus and right approach to the curious “western mind”.

Yoga Classes in Rishikesh

What will you learn ?

In Yoga Vidya School we believe that yoga is a path that needs regularity and proper guidance. Practitioners of all levels can find both of these ingredients and a suitable program for themselves.

We provide different Yoga courses in Rishikesh, first of all, aiming to make students understand the real purpose of yoga, furthermore, to improve asana practice and even meditation aspects of practice. Students can have a one month traditional 200​ ​hr​ ​teacher​ ​training​ ​course​ with Yoga Alliance certification or proceed with more specific programs such as: yoga​ ​alignment​ ​and​ ​adjustment course (several levels), pranayama​ therapy course, and courses with specialization on traditional​ ​hatha​ ​yoga​, ashtanga​ ​vinyasa​ and meditation​.

The Teachers

Yoga Classes in Rishikesh

Prashant​ ​Jakhmola​ was born in brahmin family in Rishikesh (place of yogis). He started his yoga journey at early age in Sivananda yoga school. Growing up in the yogic place Rishikesh helped him to digest this yogic knowledge. After practicing in Sivananda yoga tradition Prashant ji studied Iyengar yoga with one of the BKS Iyengar (Guru ji) disciple in Rishikesh. With this inspiring knowledge he was pulled towards yoga and went to Bihar School of Yoga (the first yoga university in India), where he did a yoga teacher training and yoga therapy course. After staying in the ashram he came back to Rishikesh to finish his academic study by graduation in biology and master degree in yoga science. “By combination of biology, yoga and my self-practice of asana I got understanding of alignment in asana which I share with my students.” Prashant ji is teaching traditional Hatha Yoga, its philosophy and holistic approach, which covers not only asana, but also breathing techniques and meditation part. He has also traveled with his special traditional yoga programs and 200hr, 300hr, 500hr Yoga Teacher Training courses to different countries such as Nepal, Russia, Indonesia and many places of India.

Yoga Classes in Rishikesh

Ksenia​ ​Rasapriya​ ​Bodhi​ is a certified and experienced Yoga Teacher, who originally is from Russia, but lives in India, Rishikesh (World Capital of Yoga). She started her yoga journey in 2009 and was lucky to get to know and practice yoga in different traditions, such as Sivananda Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Kriya Yoga and Yoga Iyengar also from traditional Indian masters. After graduation from Moscow University of Yoga in 201 4 Ksenia Ji moved to India and started her work with a RYS in Rishikesh under the guidance of more proficient teachers. «India is incredibly rich with its knowledge and masters, thereby living here and practice in Rishikesh helped me to deepen into real Yoga, to uncover its hidden layers and further more to help other seekers to discover it.» During her classes Ksenia ji is talking about yoga with aim to build a bridge between an ancient yogic approach (mystical, spiritual) and modern science (knowledge of body) and to help western minds to digest eastern philosophy. Since in India she has experience of teaching in 200hr, 300hr YTTC in Rishikesh, Kerala and Nepal and special yoga courses and retreats in India and in Russia.

Improving Your Yoga

Prashant ji’s rich experience in training yoga teachers lead him to understand that students need time and clearer specification in order to comprehend deep and vast knowledge of yoga. As a result the Yoga Vidya School designed specific intensive short terms programs, which suits all level of practitioners and help them dive deeper into the different elements of Yoga.


Our school provides facilities for students participating in the intensive yoga​ ​retreat​ ​courses​ ​​or the certified​ ​teacher​ ​training​ ​courses​. The main purpose of those facilities is helping the students focus on their yoga training. The facilities mainly include comfortable accommodation and three times a day vegetarian food.

Other students who are willing to take the drop-in classes, and are interested in our accommodation should contact us in advance in order to reserve a place for them.

Where to Find Us ?

Yoga Vidya School is situated in world yoga capital – Rishikesh​, where seekers still can find real spirit of yoga. In our yoga studio we developed comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for every practitioner.

Here students can feel themselves as at home. So we are welcoming absolutely every person who is interested in Yoga. Independently if you are a newcomer or experience yoga teacher, you can definitely find new horizons for you in a beautiful science of Yoga.


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